Altered Books: The Red, Orange & Turquoise Books

The journal can be a great space for testing hypotheses & indulging curiosity.

With the addition of The Turquoise Book, now there are three altered hardback books in process. For the analytical artists out there, the respective completion ratios for the Red|Orange|Turquoise journals = 95%|75%|25%. I have decided that after these, the next book that I use will not be glossy. I can work with glossy, it's not that, but I miss regular book paper. I even glued some book pages onto some of the glossy pages, for sentimental reasons. Can one be sentimental about paper? I think so.

All of these pages were done with Golden heavy body acrylics and collage. A few are stitched. Using a core set of materials seems to help me focus.

Machine stitched onto an abstract background, but it just seems convoluted.

150419_pagez_0010 copy.jpg

When I sit down to do art, I usually start with an idea. But it's not fully formulated. And "idea" isn't a sketch or a mental image of a completed page but a combination of materials, a song, a color, a concept, even a mood. During the day ideas percolate like a drip coffee maker. Percolate is a great word, isn't it? I have seen it in various quotes about the idea generation process. Here's a different way to use it...

“We try to have as many channels for expression as we can, recognizing that different people, and different ideas, will percolate up in different ways.”
Laszlo Bock, Google

The book is a PLACE, a little home, for my experiments.

As a total aside, keeping track of what I've photographed and edited and posted to the blog is a challenge for me! I have this irrational fear of posting the same stuff twice, although it happens despite my efforts to the contrary. Sometimes I will use the same page in two different ways, like in a blog post and in something like Art Journaling 101 or in a prompt or a graphic. And then I forget what on earth I used it for.

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