Altered Book: Tiny Grid

“Humor is reason gone mad.”
Groucho Marx

after final touches, an extra layer of acrylics, edged with neocolors, writings with white uniball

before final touches

airbrush acrylics, neocolors, ephemera, white uniball marker

I shared the "before" page at the bottom to show you that when you think a page is almost finished, you can still add more, add details and depth. You can work on your page as long as you want to! There's no rush to get to the next page, no rush to be "done" with a page in your art journal. It's all about the process, so work as long as you are enjoying yourself. For example, try embellishing the edges of your collaged papers with paint and words and neocolor II wax crayons. I tried to build the grid with ample margins, a pair of golden rectangles {unmeasured, but theoretically accurate}. These green pages are from the hardback I'm altering into the noticing journal.