Altered Book: Scavenger Hunt

"There are as many ways to write songs
 as there are songs."
Gregg Allman

Art journal pages don't need to have deep meaning. See? They can just be fun to do. They can have bits of stuff from Starbucks and index card doodles. And Jimmy Buffett quotes. They don't need to be HIGH ART or selected for a TRAVELING JURIED SHOW ABOUT ABSTRACT VULNERABILITY. Just show up in front of your journal, so SOMETHING, and it helps. It counts in the big picture of your life. It works. It matters. It is the DOING that makes a difference, not the message or the materials or the medium. So please don't be so hard on yourselves with regard to your finished work. It might be crooked or you might skip a word in a quote or use turquoise when you wish you would have used peach. Before you open your journal, take a deep breath and let go of all of that critical self-analysis! Let it fly out the window on the wings of a ladybug. In the long run, the big picture, just get to work. Paint, draw, smudge, write, rhyme, tape, staple, glue, collage, doodle, document. It will make a difference in your life. It might not make a difference today, on this particular day, but it is a good habit that will make a difference overall. 

I started a new altered book project about two weeks ago. This new book has fewer pages than the last book I made [that took 2 years] and won't be as intense a project! This is children's cartoon book with heavy, super glossy pages. It took a few pages to get into the swing of things and get used to the size and now I'm really liking it. This page includes acrylics, magazine clippings, index card art, found papers, washi tape and most importantly a quote from Jimmy Buffett [whose name apparently has two t's and now I'm seeing that I wrote buffet]. Ah well, it gives the page charm. I've seen him twice in concert, once in the mid-1980s in Pittsburgh and again in Dallas before the kids were born. I thought the quote worked with the aqua blues and the nature of the page. The quote is in dip pen with Golden high flow acrylics. There's a video tutorial on this type of hand-lettering in the Draw Your Words Series.