Altered Book: rev 2.0

10x20" altered book, quote in pitt pen

I'm happy with my every-day handwriting... but really don't like my handwriting in a thick or brush pen, with uncontrollable curves and irregular edges! I'll give you an idea of what I'm talking about... There are pages that I like despite the writing, like Happiness Instructions. On other pages, like Fake Writing, seeing the writing in thick marker (black brush pitt pen) distracts me, because I focus on that and not what I wrote. So mostly I write in thin marker, like on Morning. You can only get away with thin marker on art journal pages that are fairly flat, with just paper, mod podge, acrylic. If there is anything rough or textured, like fiber paste or really bumpy papers, it will destroy the marker!

The original pages are at Read about writing in your art journal at Step #516: Journaling + Writing.

Do you like your handwriting?