Altered Book Project: Tekenfilm

"Happiness is a matter
of one's most ordinary and everyday
mode of consciousness
being busy and lively."
~ Iris Murdoch

Tekenfilm is an alteration of a large format children's illustrated book. The book is 10"x12" closed, and so the paired pages are 20"x12" ~ a huge canvas to explore! The comic style of the original artwork inspired the name of this series. Each page has a different look, but they all have a rough, vivid, cheerful grunge feel inspired by our summer travels to The Netherlands and Belgium. Hence the name is the Dutch word for cartoon. I've named the paired pages by the dominant two colors.

I love how this project came together. Altering books is absolutely fun. For me, altering a book is just art journaling in a book - you can use the art or words that are already on the pages - or not.

All of the pages and inside covers have backgrounds. A handful of pages will be collaged, and a bunch of pages do not have any journaling. Ultimately, a lot of the pages will remain un-journaled. I like it that way! I'd rather skip journaling if I don't have anything to say on that page.

Many of the pages were created during NaNoJouMo in late 2009, an art journaling challenge. Check out all of the pages in the tekenfilm book project, an altered illustrated children's book which has been upcycled, recycled, redesigned, rethought, and just plain altered into an art journal.