Altered Book: Pink Rainbows

"In every dark room, there is a breeze coming
from somewhere and we have to search for it,
learn how to use it and enjoy it."
Mona Youssef

I've been thinking about the fact that I don't use my journal to analyze problems or express intense feelings... but yet they reflect what I am feeling, because I am usually happy when I am doing art. Even if I don't get seriously introspective or express rage or whatever, it's therapeutic - just working in my journal - and I like looking back at vivid colors, textures, the intersection of words & images.

I often find something intriguing when I look back at a page, something that I had not noticed while deep into the process of creating. Symbolism. A surprise in found poetry.  A story in the imagery. The elements of the page come together and are more powerful than each individual element. Synergy.

These pages are in an altered children's book that I started a few months ago. I finished these just before we left for our trip. The book has glossy pages. On a base of heavy body acrylics I added everything within reach, including painted papers, stitched papers, japanese papers, vintage accounting paper, magazine clippings, washi tape, alcohol inks, high flow acrylics, a tea bag, ticket, ink, clippings from stuff I'd written as well as neocolors. At the top right corner, beaded ribbon and part of a board game.