Altered Book: No Place Like Home

"Support your friends - even in their mistakes. But be clear, however, that it is the friend and not the mistake you are supporting." 
Hugh Prather

Be assured that you are not imagining things. I do work on a bunch of projects simultaneously. It seems like one creative thing gives me ideas for another creative thing and then I'm hop-scotching from thing to thing. One thing gets finished, another thing is started, 14 others are in process. I've never been one to start and go all-in on one thing for a week. I just can't do it. Anyhow, I'm working with inks for the Inktober Challenge, filming a mixed media art journaling workshop {working in this exact book, in fact}, painting with gouache, and finished designing a new set of art journal prompt cards {I'll post about that and put them in the Etsy shop as soon as I snap decent photos}. Oh, and DD13 wants to learn how to embroider. I haven't embroidered in years and am itching to make something if my fingers can handle it {they're feeling better, but there are good days and bad}. 

My favorite target for messy art journaling is a hardback. Somehow I've managed to start another one and now there are two books in process! But it works because I can switch when I'm letting a page dry. The other book is a children's book in square format with glossy paper and illustrations. This book has a portrait orientation with regular non-glossy book paper, all text with no illustrations. Therefore, to my mind, they are completely different! On this page spread, I toyed with the order of the layers, stamped with acrylics and used alphabet stickers as masks for the title. 

I love that all of the covers and book sizes for my altered books are unique and different. The books develop their own personality as they are filled and the edges get gooey with paint.