Altered Book: Messy Pink v1.2

On my unwritten art to-do list is finishing the Tekenfilm altered book. It's an illustrated children's book, with page spreads a gigantic 12x20". Here's a link to Messy Pink, which documents this page from the start. A bunch of the backgrounds are screaming for words. Really, I can hear them when things are quiet.

I've discovered a new way to relax, get unfocused by focusing on detailed work. Lettering can bring a state of flow, when you are so into what you are doing that you get lost in the process. You can take your time and get the letters as precise as you'd like. I spent a long time lettering these pages and found it as fun as drawing. Really, it has a different kind of challenge.

I edged the letters with a white Treehouse Studio paint pen (made in Japan) that I found at Hobby Lobby in Texas. This pen works like the beloved Sharpie poster paint markers that were discontinued. [By the way, has anyone tried the new Sharpie water-based paint markers which I assume are a replacement for the others?] The Treehouse pens stop flowing more often than the Sharpies, but once you get them going again they are great, super opaque. I also got one in hot pink. Anyhow, inside the edging I painted Golden fluid acrylics with a tiny brush to give the letters a little texture.

Hanna has a good post on Favorite Pens for Mixed Media, with links to some other writings on art supplies. You can check out my list of Art Materials for Art Journaling and beyond. Whatever you do, Get YOU Into Your Art Journals, they are your pages!!!

But wait, there's more (behind curtain #3) later this week.