Altered Book: Lounge Lizard

This is a pretty short glossy children's book so I will probably finish it by year-end. I work in a lot of journals simultaneously, and in my mind {whether it's accurate or not} each journal has a different purpose or theme or intended medium. This is my current space for mixed media messy acrylics & collage work. 

This page started with PLAY in mind. Susan of Irreversibly Moi invited me to create a page in response to the theme "Play" and shared it with her readers. Although I'm not an ace prompt-doer, prompts form a starting point to the thought process and help narrow down choices from infinite to something a little more manageable! So I decided to work with the idea of summer.  Play is the essence of summer, or even better, summer is the essence of play! 

The background is in heavy body acrylics in aqua blues which reminds me of swimming lessons, beach towels and chlorine-scented blue-tile-lined pools. My dad would set up sprinklers on the lawn in the backyard and my brother and I would run through them, the grass becoming muddy the more we played. 

It was a two to three day drive from Pittsburgh to the Atlantic Ocean. One year we drove to Atlantic City, NJ which at that time was magic, funhouse mirrors, amusement park rides and a wooden boardwalk... another world. 

Some years we flew to Miami to visit relatives. My uncle was in charge of a bunch of hotel swimming pools; my cousins, my brother and I played at the pools and in the waves of Miami Beach. We ate a coconut that had fallen from a tree and my aunt made Shake-and-Bake Chicken for dinner; we'd never had it before!

But back to these pages. As a second layer over the darker paint, I used a hand-carved ogee stamp {here's a tutorial about carving stamps which is part of the Art Journal Tangents Series} using silver Golden Fluid acrylics. You can use acrylic paint to stamp stuff. Just be sure to clean your rubber stamps or eraser stamps right away so the paint doesn't dry in the tiny compartments. And the paint will stain, but who cares? I attached a bunch of papers, some with staples, some with matte medium. Then I painted around the papers, decided I didn't want some of the papers, removed them, revealing a big surprise - squares and boxes! More stamps, more paint.