Altered Book(s), Work-in-Process

These pages are from the top book, a non-fiction hardback with a red cover. I'm going to call it The Red Book and the other one The Orange Book. My naming convention is not all that elaborate, as you might have deduced.

The first two pages {the pink and the blue} are finished, meaning just that I don't plan to do anything more with them. The rest are up for grabs in any future journaling session. 


Keep go-go-going, playing, working, scribbling, gluing, painting, flipping, turning, adding, tearing, obliterating, texturizing, shining, scraping, altering, changing and writing.

And I wrote two posts on the subject, about unfinished pages {which, by the way, are definitely OK} and how to figure out if an art journal page is finished.

What else is new?

It's been a busy week {I operate on a rolling week, so that means the last 7 days}. There was a Halloween party/dance at my daughter's school on Friday night which involved fog machines and spooky stuff. The kids wanted to trick-or-treat this year so my husband took them {a caped princess and a gypsy princess} around the neighborhood while I gave out candy and forced myself to file a year's worth of papers. Ugh. This week I'm chaperoning a field trip to another museum. I am such a geek; I love field trips. 

And a surprising twist - the kids and I jumped into NaNoWriMo this year! I broached the idea in the car a few weeks ago and we started talking about it and they loved the idea. My personal goal is 15,000 words and I'm at 1,309 at the end of day two. My younger daughter and I are at about the same pace and my older daughter has exceeded 4,500 words already! I can't even comprehend that! I'm working hard for those 1,309 words. It takes lots of focus and brainpower:) The Nano website is absolutely divine. It is like the perfect website! All sorts of groovy writer-stuffs. 

My story is about dreams becoming reality, not as in a dorky cliche success story but as in dreams literally becoming reality. I'm learning so much by researching the scientific world of dreams. It's great fodder for our morning and afternoon school commute. For example, my older daughter is coaching me on adding detail to my story so that readers can better relate to what is going on. My younger daughter shared her methodology for tracking story notes and character names in a notebook next to the computer. I have a Pages document for my story and another document for my "research" and ideas. I'm super curious to see how this month of writing will impact my art in the months ahead. What do you think?