Almost-the-End-of-ICAD with Bonus Link-Love

The end of the index-card-a-day challenge is a mixed bag. ICAD starts for me at the beginning of April when I start revamping everything related to ICAD, starting my own cards, writing blog posts, creating graphics and buttons. This year I made videos as well. SIXTY-ONE is the magic number that coincides with July 31. This year there were 2,270 folks in the FB group and 1000's {yes, multiples of a thousand, seems surreal, incomprehensible} of index cards posted across FB, Flickr, Instagram and bloglandia at spots like Lost Coast PostI am RushmorePaula Jeffery and Fiddlesnips

Index Cards 59-60. One to go!!!

I've been paging back through the art you guys have posted at FB, Flickr and your blogs and W-O-W! So much variety!  So proud of all of you! Creative thinking, clever ideas, plays on words, sketches, collages, drips, landscapes, hand-lettering, doodles, abstracts, rainbows, stripes, caricatures, portraits, jokes, hearts, mandalas, optical illusions, dogs, cats, monochromatic work, paper cutting, stencils, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastel, crayon, pencil, pen, ink, stitching, gelatin printing, texture, metal, natural materials, finger-painting, quotes, lyrics, origami, ephemera, book text, flowers, markers, hand-carved stamps.... 

I'd like to spotlight the folks who've been blogging about their ICAD experience!!!  It's a massive blogging endeavor, to document a two-month, 61+ card challenge. At some point you question your own sanity, or you start thinking that your entire world revolves around these little cards, and really it does... for awhile! 

If you have blogged about the ICAD challenge - any blog post which includes your index card artwork - please add a link below. Then please pop over to 2-3 of the blog posts and say hello, do a little cheerleading, congratulations, celebrations, all of that good stuff that makes ICAD so warm and wonderful. There will be another Mister Linky on August 1st so that you can add a link to any sort of ICAD celebration or review that you do at your blog. Like photographs of your stack-of-ICADs or lessons learned, a look back at the experience, maybe your insight into why you participated, how it changed your art experience. Pour it all out. It is a long, intensive challenge, so take the time to honor your work and think about it.  

Please do not link to your home page or anything other than a blog. Click on one of your yummy blog posts and go up to the URL address and copy/paste it into the Mister Linky below. Just one link per blog; folks will stop by and say hello!