all the groovy ideas together

"Abstract artists tell their stories with shapes, color, edges, movement, and value - just like when one is painting a beautiful scene. The difference is, of course, there is no scene. The scene is within the artist. I often get asked, 'How do you know when you are done?' I am done when the story is told."
Gwen Fox


These pages are some of the wildest I've done in like, forever! A mix of freestyle stitching, india inks & gouache. I painted these pages in January, at the same time I was working diligently on a huge abstract painting that will be a gift for a very close friend. I'll reveal that when I'm finished but it will be a mystery until then. So after working with acrylics on canvas for a few days, I started thinking about creating something similar on paper. Not similar in the way it looks, but more in the freedom. But I wanted to do this with something which would allow the texture of the stitching to remain rather than be covered up. How to translate acrylic to gouache? I wanted it to have a sort of graffiti, urban vibe, really crazy, like spray paint. So interesting how one project informs another, and back again, until it's an infinite loop!