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About Daisy Yellow

Hi there creative people!!! I used to do this kind of introductory post every year and realize that it has been YEARS since I said hello and gave you a big picture overview. So here goes. I'm Tammy, aka Daisy Yellow, and I've been blogging here since 2008. Yup! Non-stop for 10 years! 

My background is not in art but in quantitative analysis! When my kids were little, I started doing art as a diversion and way to pass the time spent waiting at various activities like gymnastics, swimming lessons, soccer practice. Fast forward over a decade and now I'm a completely self-taught indie artist. I don't have a mission statement or a staff or anything official like that... but I like to think that "I make stuff that inspires people to create." 

This blog is about MAKING things. Not about making PERFECT things. About exploring your creative thoughts, making art because you dig the process, the flow, and all that surrounds it. Part of that is challenging yourself to get better at making things, to refine your techniques, to figure out ways to keep moving forward. Also about allowing yourself time and space and the OK to experiment. 

Here at Daisy Yellow you'll find CHALLENGES and PROMPTS and TUTORIALS etc. And lots of colorful rainbows. I write about art journalinggetting unstuckdoing art every dayplaying with inksperfectionismgetting better at drawing. Part of what I do is FIGURE THINGS OUT and develop resources for readers, including favorite materialsfavorite pens and guides to things like Gelly Rolls

Each June + July, I bring creative people around the globe together for 61 days via the free Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. We just wrapped the 8th year of the challenge. My approach to open-ended art is most accessible in my mixed media WORKSHOPS.

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