Adjective Balloons

"Life is like topography, Hobbes.
There are summits of happiness and success,
flat stretches of boring routine
and valleys of frustration and failure."
Bill Watterson

Sketch by Tammy Garcia.

I've been going back through an unbelievable number of old blog posts as well as photographs of art journal pages, doodles, sketches, paintings.... and was happy to rediscover this sideways doodle-sketch from 2012. I found the blog post that I'd written at the time, and here's how I described it: "I started with the idea of drawing embellished hot air balloons and then I thought it would be a fun lettering challenge to incorporate words that I hope to use to describe myself some day! Goals! Just in theory, because for example I am completely impatient. You might not be able to tell, but this a 5x8" moleskine is opened sideways and the drawings go across both pages! Drawn with a black Sakura Gelly Roll."