Accordion Book Redux

"In the language of poetry, where every word is weighed, nothing is usual or normal. Not a single stone and not a single cloud above it. Not a single day and not a single night after it. And above all, not a single existence, not anyone's existence in this world."
Wislawa Szymborska

Yes, another accordion book! 

The "cover" of this one has bits of fabric and painted papers.

Again with the folded books... what is it about them? How fun to be so compact yet open up to surprises, juxtapositions of shapes and colors, the unintentional interactions. This latest accordion book is sewn rather than using adhesive to create the collages. It took a lot of wrangling and acrobatics! Ingredients include more fabric than the previous accordions, ephemera, painted papers, a photograph, japenses papers, paint chips, playing cards, etc.

Find a tutorial for making a slightly different version of these fun folded books using a manila folder in the video tutorial Tangent #3: Accordion Book

PS. Yay! Issue #13 of the DY Zine is now available. Grab a copy today:)