12x12" black cardstock, heavy body acrylics and fluid acrylics

Abstract art is perfect art journal collage fodder. If you paint with acrylics, you know that acrylic paint dries very quickly. Great for layering without everything turning to mud, but that also means that the paint on the palette dries quickly as well. So I like to paint a bunch of things at the same time. This lets a layer on one page dry I add a layer to a different page. Since I intended to cut them up, I made sure that every nook and cranny had something of interest. That way the little bits would look good too! 

To help you "see" the way that your painted papers can look as collage elements, I took the bottom left painted paper and "cut" it up in photoshop to show you what the different parts might look like. 

Pages from my altered book transformed into an art journal. I count 26 papers collaged to the book pages. About 15 of the items in the grid are snips of painted pages and parts of moo cards printed with my artwork. Some of these papers were received from other artists, which is extra cool!