About those creative prompts

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We each have a stack of cards or paper or a journal and must make a choice each day as to what on earth to do! Or to do anything at all. The reality is that it is all about choices. 

The subject of creative prompts is something near and dear to my heart. I believe that they can change how we approach our creative practice. 

That's where prompts enter the picture! Prompts can be used literally, figuratively, specifically, sarcastically, intelligently, paradoxically, ridiculously, logically, magically or any other adverbish manner. Try using the prompt in another language, or related words, or  translating to Greek mythological figures. 

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Art you a promptish person?

  • Some like topical prompts {subjects, focus}.
  • Some like thematic prompts {themes, mediums, materials, techniques, over-arching ideas}.
  • Some don't like prompts.
  • Some feel constrained by a prompt.
  • Some feel like a prompt gives them a goal.
  • Some use a prompt as a creative spark that leads to an idea that looks nothing like the prompt. 
  • Some intertwine the prompts in a creative way.
  • Many folks ignore prompts completely. 
  • Some prefer to devise prompts for others {that's me}. 

Prompts are a smorgasbord of creative ideas. 

Do whatever you wish with the prompts. Use them as starting points. Take what interests you and nibble on items from your plate over the course of the week. The idea is to start creating - if the prompt kicks you into creative mode - that's good!

What if a prompt doesn't resonate with you?

So let's take an example of a prompt that might not speak to you. Let's say the prompt is "Harry Potter" but you aren't into HP. You can use a prompt as a launching point for almost anything. Allow your mind to follow the bouncing ball {or the magic wand}. Here's the thing. You don't need to have read Harry Potter to follow a Harry Potter prompt. Put on your creative thinking cap. Look at the prompt/word/phrase from different angles or perspectives. It you are stumped, look in wikipedia, a dictionary, a thesaurus, etc. for a launching point that has something to do with the prompt. For Harry Potter, look at the book cover and the blurb about the book at Goodreads or Amazon and move in the direction of magic, wizards, wands or even a big pair of geeky glasses.

I believe that creative prompts help us do mental gymnastics and think more creatively. 

Want more prompts?

Start working through the Wonder31 Prompts any time. Follow the link and you'll find all of my responses to date.