A Year

"My children have always existed at the deepest center of me, right there in the heart/hearth, but I struggled with the powerful demands of motherhood, chafing sometimes at the way they pulled me away from my separate life, not knowing how to balance them with my unwieldy need for solitude and creative expression."
— Sue Monk Kidd

5x8" moleskine, pitt pen

Random notes and doodles, thinking back on the year on my birthday a few weeks ago. Three of the four of us had strep, we were alternately iced + snowed in here in dallas-fort worth, the Steelers had just lost the superbowl, feeling blah, trying to make sense of the year.


How do you keep track of the your life from birthday to birthday?

Do you have traditions or annual projects to honor your birthday?

Do you buy yourself a gift?