A Trip to The Modern

Conjoined, Roxy Paine, 2007 {the two trees are a sculpture in stainless steel}

An excerpt {glimpse?} of Girl With Flowered Background, Richard Diebenkorn, 1962

As you know, I didn't go to art school. But I learned this week that I am drawn to these artists whose work is within a movement/category called Abstract Expressionism (also known as the New York School). That is the extent of my knowledge in the matter. I think I'll investigate further. 

Works by Richard Diebenkorn, 1953 {lower of the two above is an excerpt from the painting on the right}. 

Our wonderful art teacher suggested that the kids bring their sketchbooks to the museum, so I did as well. I wanted to sketch but didn't want to fill an entire page with one piece, so I divided it into quarters. The top left is a sketch of the abstract Robert Motherwell piece {photo above} using cross hatching upon cross hatching for the black portions of the painting. It's a huge painting in real life! It made me wonder about his process - the layers within the work, hidden and barely visible too. Top right, a piece by Morris Louis that looks like flowy fabric. Bottom left, the parking lot view from the second floor of Barnes & Noble. I like the way the cars turned out but the person looks like a cardboard cut-out! 

I keep drawing. Mostly I draw abstract things, but it's important to attempt to draw real things too! You can draw from art, from photographs, from your back porch. You can practice drawing almost anything. I think I need to practice drawing more people! People are a challenge {isn't that an understatement!}. Still the experience of drawing is a positive one and I highly recommend taking your journal the next time you go to a museum! Just draw one piece of art. The idea isn't to duplicate it {you can't} but to get the essence of the piece.

Robert Motherwell {full piece, then the next two photos are small bits of the canvas}

Vortex sculpture, Richard Serra, 2002

A fun diversion this week was a field trip to The Modern in Fort Worth. While I've visited The Kimball museum many, many times this was my first trip to The Modern which is literally across the street! It's a small museum that we were able to cover in a short time frame. 

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