A tribe of quirky creatives


Thank you, thank you, thank you and {{{hugs}}} to everyone for the comments + positive feedback + emails in response to the "quirky journal page" aka Seeing + noticing things others don't. It was the most commented post to date and has made a huge difference in my outlook for Daisy Yellow.

I've been contemplating the future of Daisy Yellow over the past few months, gauging interest based on comments, and comments were few. Doubting. Wondering.

Comments bring the readers and the bloggers together, to interact.

As an analytical I thought it meant something was very wrong. There had to be a reason. Maybe Daisy Yellow just isn't groovy enough? Maybe... because...  It really gets silly after awhile, doesn't it? Doubting ourselves?

Thank you for letting me see and hear that you are reading and you are creating.

I'm quirky. Eccentric. Different. I see things other people don't see. I combine things in my mind and make them into art. I notice colors and shapes and angles of sunlight. I take more photographs of things than people. I'm happy there are other quirky characters reading what I write and maybe it makes sense too!

I like the idea that creative blogs can be tribes. Tribes of quirky creative people.