Stacks of Color + Pattern: Sweet Collage Technique

Hi daisies! This is an easy peasy collage technique that brings together papers you've painted, found papers, magazine clippings, gelatin prints, even mop-up pages! Once you start looking you will find interesting patterns and marks everywhere:) Try this on loose watercolor paper or a watercolor journal, and use watercolor or gouache as your painting medium. Or make a MINI version on an index card!


I was looking through videos from my
"vintage" workshops looking for gems that you guys might like! 

A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia

I thought you might enjoy these 2 little collage techniques from my "vintage" abstract watercolor/gouache 2013 workshop Painted Paper Paradise. 

The basic idea?

Work on your pages in portrait orientation.

Start by drawing [or machine stitching] a loose "frame" around the page with a pencil.

Then build a collage! Don't worry about things "matching" but rather select a variety of colors/patterns with interest and movement. You'll notice that I usually cut things out as I go, but I do keep a stash of already-cut-up papers too! 

No measuring! Guesstimate everything! 

After gluing down all of the collage bits, paint around everything with watercolor or gouache. That's why you'll want watercolor paper - it gives the most LUSH outcome! You can draw edging around the collage elements with a water-soluble pencil or Neocolor II wax crayons. [Quick guide to Caran D'Ache Neocolors].


A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia

VIDEO: Stacks of Color Collage

In this version, there's one tall stack of rectangular papers with lots of space around them. The watercolor paper is painted with bright rainbowy colors like a sweet dessert:) The washi tape is added at the end as a little extra twist with even more patterns. 

A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia
A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia

VIDEO: Stacks of Pattern Collage

In the second video, I create a page with words at the top plus a grid of 9 slightly more square-ish papers that are fairly close together. 

A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia
A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia
A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia
A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia
A sweet collage idea. Tammy Garcia

PS. I went back and edited the video to try to remove exposure flickers but no such luck. If you try this idea, please post in the group as we'd love to see what you do!

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