A Summer Project List (Part 1)

The subtitle for this post should be "fun things to do when the heat of summer blasts away any shred of creativity you ever had." Now is a good time to make a list of summer projects ~ a little work now will pay off this summer! When you've had enough swimming, gardening and the park, when it's too hot to breathe (trust me, we live in Texas) picture yourself confidently armed with instructions and materials for a dozen creative activities.



Part 1 walks you through a process for preparing for summer projects. The next part, A Project List for Kids will include resources and ideas for projects to do with children. Part 3 will have resources and ideas for creative projects for you!

Follow this step-by-step plan, selecting the number of projects right for you based on your energy level, time, age of your kids, budget, the phase of the moon, your horoscope, intergalactic communications, birth stone, debit card PIN, risk aversion level, and the roll of the dice. It's your plan!

  1. Get 1 folder for personal projects and/or 1 folder for kid-related projects.
  2. Gather your favorite art and craft books.
  3. Get art and craft books from the library.
  4. Find projects from the web (ideas in Part 2 & 3) and bookmark the sites.
  5. Review the creative projects you've tagged in delicious, accumulated in pinterest faved in Flickr, printed, filed or otherwise saved.
  6. Kid Projects - Select about 12 projects + 3 alternate projects; 15 total. Break down HUGE projects into smaller projects.
  7. Personal Projects - Select about 3 projects + 3 alternate projects; 6 total. Break down  HUGE projects into smaller projects.
  8. Picture yourself doing each project and make sure you really want to do it and it is feasible.
  9. Create a digital folder on your computer to accumulate tutorials, photocopy the instructions from art/craft books, print instructions from the web and put them in your digital or paper folders.
  10. For each project, take a blank piece of paper and write down the name of the project and a detailed list of all materials. Star those you need to buy ~ this is your shopping list. If you do this on the computer, it might save time when you consolidate lists.
  11. Pull the starred items out and consolidate them... i.e. if you need FIMO for 3 projects, decide how much FIMO you'll need in total
  12. Make a final art supply list for reference. To help your budget, buy in phases over the months ahead.
  13. Go shopping!
  14. Pull together the materials you already have on hand.
  15. For each project, put the printed instructions and materials together in a large Ziplok baggie or shoe box and label them with the project name.
  16. Buy popsicles, you'll need them.

If you are developing a list of summer projects, please share your experience and ideas. Check out A Project List for Kids (Part 2) and A Project List for You (Part 3).