a snapshot of the art stuff i want to do {at the moment}

Projects, mediums, ideas galore! I needed to get this list out of my head. I stamped the cards with teeny tiny alphabet stamps and added the background in photoshop. Do you have a big list of art stuffs in your head? This is the stuff I want to do, right now, like, this minute! It's a lot of stuff, no doubt.

I want to paintdrawsewcollagedesignembroiderdoodlewatercolor... but since I can't do it all at once, I do a little here and a little there. To support your own efforts to get artsy and craftsy, focus on what you DID do and not what you DIDN'T do.

This week I worked on:

#1 exacompta journal: painted several backgrounds

#3 cityscapes: i added more detail to the cityscape i'm drawing

#7 collage quilt: i stitched more fabric swatches to the backing fabric; washed all new fabrics

#9 index cards: worked with acrylics, alpha stamps, mandalas

#13 write art journaling wkshps: recorded/edited/dubbed video of the art journal process for El Parquesito Creativo {session 5: the cup is half full}

#17 video techniques: recorded/posted a video

This week I planned/purchased stuff for:

#4 speedball drawing nibs and ink {bought pointy speedball nibs}

#8 quilted journal covers {bought quilting stuff to put between the sewn fabric and the hard cover of the journal}

Which leads me to ask you these two questions about your creative endeavors this past week. Include anything that you consider creative... testing new recipes, writing your outline for NANOWRIMO, etc.:

What projects/artwork did you work on this week for at least 20 minutes?

In what other ways did you move forward on projects, ideas/artwork this week? i.e. research, figure out how to do something, set up workspace, organize embroidery thread colors, sketch cat, purchase something needed for the project.