A Project List

The subtitle for this post could be "When you've had enough swimming, gardening and the park and it's too hot to breathe, picture yourself armed with instructions + materials for a dozen creative activities."

  1. Make a gelatin printing plate
  2. Try slow journaling
  3. Make a rainbow in your journal
  4. Make a watercolor starburst in your journal 
  5. Stamp with everyday objects in your journal
  6. Draw better lines
  7. Create an accordion book
  8. Read a book about art journaling
  9. Kick-Start Your Art Journal
  10. Print with bubble wrap
  11. Weave paper artist trading cards
  12. Carve eraser stamps
  13. Explore doodle embroidery
  14. Draw from a photograph
  15. Make Groovy Printed Papers for your art journal

When targeting projects, remember to factor in your energy level, humidity, budget, phase of the moon, horoscope, relevant intergalactic communications, birth stone, risk aversion level, roll of the dice, longitude, center of gravity, curb appeal, square footage, depth of field, danger of landslide, metric conversion, temporary amnesia, boiling point, acidity, metabolism and HTML entity code. Do not stand up while the ride is still in progress.