A Project List For Kids

"Baseball is a ballet without music.
Drama without words.
A carnival without kewpie dolls."
- Ernie Harwell

 For your exploration, the annual Daisy Yellow project list, updated with fresh ideas + old favorites. These are projects that are fun to do WITH your kids, to share creativity. And we still kids at heart so these will work for all of us! It's a list of diversions that I put together as a resource for kids + moms during school holidays, summers and even those days when the kids aren't feeling great but want a diversion!

Ideas from Daisy Yellow

 A note about my "age" references - a project marked "3+" might be perfect for teens. The age is only an indication of the physical capability required to "do" the project. Most of these projects would be perfect for anyone! 

a mandala my older daughter (then 9) drew while we were in Germany, 7"x9" paper, papermate markers

Ideas from around the world