A Little Travel Journal

A few years ago, I started a new tradition. Each time we travel, I stitch together a special journal specifically for that trip. It's not color-themed or topically-themed or anything that pre-planned but rather it's sized just for the trip. It includes a page for each day of the trip plus an extra few pages to allow for taping in stuff that I find along the way. The longer the trip, the more extra pages, because I figure I'll find more stuff!

So with that introduction, here's a peek at the tiny travel journal I made to document our adventures in Ohio and Pittsburgh at the beginning of December. The journal includes Japanese papers, found ephemera/words, fabric, hand-painted papers and gelatin prints. I'm happy that this has become a regular part of our trips... I have a cute little collection of travel journals all filled up! 


front cover


a few of the inside pages


inside back cover... on the left I used washi tape to add tickets from the Penguins hockey game {went with my dad} and other stuff collected along the way


back cover

The reality is that I don't do any standard journaling... I used to type my thoughts in a Word document but haven't added anything in years. So I write a little bit each night during a trip and I do it because I have constraint, the size of the small journal. My goal is to finish each journal before we get home.

How do you document your travels?

What are your creative habits & strategies when you are on the road?