a little comfort

"A tendency to melancholy....
let it be observed, is a misfortune, not a fault."
Abraham Lincoln


We all have tough days. But more often than not, after a good night's sleep, things look better. Sometimes it takes some quiet time, the scent of vanilla, some painting, some reading, some hot tea with honey. Maybe a friend's hug, a chatty email, a child's handmade "i howpe yew fele beder" card, some fresh air, some rain drops. Some tear drops. Some cherry jell-o. Things will look a little brighter. I had a tough few days last week and after another few days, it lifted and I felt better.

Now I have the cold my kids gave to me as a birthday gift. Ah well.

Set aside a little box of treasures. To peek inside when you are down. Grapefruit-scented lotion, a swatch of velvet fabric, a DVD of Ocean's Eleven or Third Rock From the Sun, neon gellyroll markers, a few retro hotel postcards, bubble gum, a snow globe, lyrics from a few songs, a little amethyst stone, dice...