A Little Bit About Sewing Paper & Fabric

It all started "way back" in 2010 with the dream of adding machine stitching to my art journal pages. I had wrestled a decade earlier with a tear-inducing machine that knotted constantly. I dreaded the thing. Yet my desire to add stitching outweighed my fear. Here's a bit about what I've learned over the years!


Here's how I got up-to-speed with my machine. The kids and I took a few hours to progress from sewing without thread, then with thread, then on fabric with thread. This allowed us to learn in baby steps. The hardest thing to learn {and it wasn't hard, so that's a relative term} was threading the machine and loading up the bobbin, but now it is second nature and easy peasy!

We started by sewing on watercolor paper without thread in the machine. We explored the different stitches, learned to guide the paper, raised and lowered the presser foot, sewed forward, backward, etc. Then we took turns sewing on watercolor paper with thread. Finally, as step #3, we sewed fabric with thread. It was a nice progression and we felt very comfortable by then. I love, love, love my machine, a Janome 7330 Magnolia


I make art collages by stitching papers, photographs, ephemera and fabric onto a base of watercolor paper. This is a great way to practice with collage; trying to put together cohesive and balanced compositions with all sorts of colors & textures.

It's fun to make little journals. Great for trips and documenting special events. You can make journals as gifts too. Hanna and I swapped journals and did a list challenge in our gifted journals.