A Collection of Art Journal Pages [Part One]

"The writer operates at a peculiar crossroads
where time and place and eternity somehow meet.
His problem is to find that location."
— Flannery O'Connor

a collection of tea bags drying in the sun

Where do your art journal pages live?

My pages live in different spots. Loose journal pages in different phases of work, backgrounds, experiments, pages longing for a little journaling, colorful pages within altered books, finished pages to look through, pages drying under books on the kitchen counter, pages ready for a photo.

A bunch of folks have asked what I do with the loose pages, how I store them, whether I spray them with something, if I eventually bind the pages, etc. Excellent questions!

my collection of finished art journal pages...

there's another stack of unfinished pages

that could fill another box

The life of a loose art journal page.

After painting, neocoloring, collaging, writing, stamping, scribbling, whatever, here's what I do. Each page goes under a sheet of parchment paper (sold in the states in the baking section, with the aluminum foil, wax paper, etc) under a stack of heavy books for a few days. The parchment lets the page dry without warping, keeps the page from sticking to other pages or the precious books. Heavy books include dictionaries, Harry Potter hardbacks, The Annotated Wizard of Oz. It gets photographed at some point.

FINISHED pages go in a large archival box from The Container Store. I don't spray finish or varnish or fixatif the pages. I have no idea if that will come back to haunt me. UNFINISHED pages go in a flat basket on my art materials shelves (more about the baskets). When I feel like getting messy, I can start with an unfinished page (and journal or collage or add paint) or I can just start fresh with a clean white sheet of paper.

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In Part Two, more thoughts about journal pages.

Tell me about the life of your art journal pages.