Time for a L O O K B A C K at my art journals

Art journaling is not simply the flat image - it’s multi-faceted. Tangible, touchable, textural. Each form of art has different attributes, characteristics, maybe even personalities? When you see art online, you see it, but you can’t really always SEE it. You cannot pick it up, feel the texture, the weight, and there is no frame of reference for the size of the art. Quick video of one of the journals down at the end of the post. Enjoy!!!

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31 Inktober Drawings & Thoughts on Creative Challenges

Thirty-one days of drawing in ink, painting in vivid colors, exploring imaginary structures…. it’s been interesting to watch how an idea sparks the next. How on earth does one categorize this type of drawing? Is it perhaps an abstract illustration? What comes to my mind when I’m making them — some sort of imaginary structures, like landscapes, caves, houses, retreats.

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Painting Quasi-Concentric Circles with Gouache

Yeah! I’ve been filming my new {abstract watercolor|gouache} workshop for the past month and while I work on that, I made a fun + happy + colorful tutorial to share with you in advance! This is a fun {meditative} painting technique that takes advantage of the opacity of gouache to make layers + layers that blend and blur and form such interesting intersections + colors!

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