CatchPhrase: A Challenge to Use Words in Your Art

Hi everyone! It's been a busy few weeks! I'm attempting to write more of my "sci fi" novel in little sputters and spurts of uneven energy - which is frustrating - so art to the rescue ~ a great way to refuel & rejuvenate my energy and make sense of the chaotic swirl of words floating around the stratosphere. 

Index cards have taken over the dining room table with gouache-related gear, magic markers, journals sharing space with telephone bills, postage stamps, an SAT prep book, a turquoise bluetooth waterproof speaker, an empty coffee mug...

Anyhow... I've been scheming up a new challenge! If you are like me it's always a bit of a quandary to settle on what to do each month. There are challenges at every turn, left right, backwards, forwards. You can time travel around the year by hopping from challenge-to-challenge, methinks! Whatever motivates YOU to accomplish what YOU want to do is a good thing. If you are like me, you definitely want to keep the swoosh of creativity going, KEEP creating and KNOW how good it feels to create almost every day. 

Write this in your planner.

August ☞ #dycatchphrase 

To get right to the point, this is about incorporating words + art.

Simply incorporate word//words
in your sketches, journal pages
or index card art

As you guys know, I'm a word lover to the core - so I'll provide ideas & tips for approaching this from different angles

Use words in your art

  1. The challenge officially starts August 1st. The goal is to create 26 journal pages or index cards that contain words in some way, shape or form. You can do this challenge over the course of one month or two months --- choose a timeframe that works best for you and the work that you want to do. 
  2. I'll post 26 prompts [optional, folks] on Saturday July 29 at 🌻 Daisy Yellow, instagram and the Daisy Yellow group at FB.
  3. Include words somewhere//somehow. They DO NOT have to be the focus of the art. You don't have to draw the words. Clip a phrase from a magazine or snag one from a fortune cookie. Teeny tiny. Whispered in pencil. Obscured with paint. Exaggerated. Elegant. Titles. Elements of a collage. Your creative work can be JUST words or it can be ABOUT words. YOU choose. 🔚
  4. Along the way, I'll share ideas for you to explore. This is a BRILLIANT way to get more familiar & comfy with words as a component of your art. 
  5. You can try 26 different ideas, or one concept x 26 variations! Mine your magazines for interesting typography. Explore hand-lettering. Use alphabet stamps! 
  6. At instagram tag your work #dycatchphrase and #daisyyellowart when you post. Follow me at instagram too!

Sounds like fun!!! Definitely join us for the ride! Do not let it go, hold on to it like it is GOLD!!! Keep your creativity flowing! 


The magic of creating every day.

ICAD 2017 Week 9 Prompts & Themes

What on earth is the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge? Go to the home base to learn everything in the universe you'd ever want to know about the challenge. And more! We start the next challenge on June 1, 2018. 

Daily Prompts for Week Nine

Thematic Prompts for Weeks 7, 8, 9

Optional concepts and mediums that you might want to use to guide your work.





Go to the home base

Perfect and Imperfect and in Between

"For the purposes of poetry
a convincing impossibility is preferable to
an unconvincing possibility."

It's useful to step back and take a macro view of our creative endeavors.

What is the point, the goal? With your lines, your brush strokes, your photographs, your words? Where are you headed? What do you want to accomplish? This is a question that only you can answer. No-one else gets to decide for you. I think that there is value in working in both spaces, in working to improve our skills and also in playing!

a) There is value in working to perfectly replicate or represent something. To draw an accurate foot, characterize a basketball player in 50 words or less, symbolize a dream, develop a 5-7-5 haiku about distopian fiction, solve a math problem accurately to the 7th decimal.

b) It's also rewarding to play, to approximate something. To have fun with the experience but not worry about the results, to be purposely imperfect, to get close to something but not reach it, to estimate. To get to some point of good enough. Abstractions. Painting rainbows for the sake of painting rainbows. 

The magic of creating every day

If you take up some form of creative work, there's a domino impact with threads leading to almost every aspect of your life. The work {whether you call it work or play} becomes a facet of your personality and self-identity. You start to "see" the world from a new perspective, with eyes that see opportunities in things you had previously ignored. Once you start doing more creative stuff, you open up to possibilities. A watercolor workshop at the arboretum! An introductory knitting course at the yarn store! A mail art swap! At first it seems a little odd, like you don't belong, and then you gradually start to feel like you are a watercolorist! A knitter! A collage artist! One day you'll be walking out to a Sunday morning Sketch Crawl and won't blink an eye! 

This good and positive creative habit drills so delicately into your soul that you don't even realize what's  happening. It becomes so integral to the flow of day-to-day life that when you skip your art time, you feel out of sorts, even verklempt, possibly melancholy. You might not even be able to put your finger on the problem, but you know that something is missing. 

Once you get started, keep the wheels spinning.

The creative work starts to impact the rest of your life, because waiting rooms and plane rides become places to draw or write rather than stumble through old magazines. Your thoughts become more productive and your mind starts thinking more creatively because you are proactively contemplating possibilities. You start looking forward to the process, to figuring out what you'll do that day, to gathering the materials or markers or pens or whatever you'll use. It gradually starts becoming PART of you, part of how you live your days. 

Dedicate time every day to creative play? Yes.

If everything is too darned structured and controlled, we don't get the benefit of the amusement park known as artistic experimentation.

We all do the art thing differently.

We all gear up for the creative stuff differently too! Artists make chamomile tea, strategize, obsess, refine, test, query, research, take classes, meditate,  put on Adele or Foo Fighters, light candles, do yoga, build an altar and combine mediums in surprising ways.

Same bat time, same bat channel!

If you know you'll be back tomorrow that takes SO much pressure off of your shoulders! Yay! What you create today is just part of a continuum. Today you work on THIS and tomorrow you work on THAT. By default, you give yourself permission to explore themes more deeply. You keep showing up, every day. You could follow a different idea or approach every day. Or you could alter the variables ever so slightly and see what happens!

Whatever way you work it, that daily creative habit gives you an opportunity to get to know your subject matter intimately. In drawing/painting a series of flowers, I learned that the line were irregular and organic and I learned the way that they flowed, the way I needed to hold my arm to get those lines out there. 

What you create is part of a continuum. 


This is your decision point, folks. 

Here's what I'll volley over the net to help YOU stay in the swing of things and keep the creative work going full-steam. 

Join The Daisy Yellow Circle.

I have long wanted to guide folks through the mental gymnastics that result in SEEING your work in a fresh way. All of these ideas and gyrations inspired me to develop this experience. It's kind of a workshop, and it's kind of a refueling stop on your creative journey. At the heart, it's about incorporating that daily art habit into your life. There are prompts and collage tutorials and lots of words and images and eye candy. If you like the blog and like the zines, you'll flip head over heels about The Circle.

Creative experiments, Curious explorations.

There's also a tiny private FB group where we talk about developing and sticking with our art goals; we cheer each other on and talk about things like color names + the music that we play while working + why we might feel stagnant + creative flow + what art materials we'd want if shipwrecked on a desert island. If that sounds fun, yay!!!  It's a positive space and a cheerful place to stop in and get some artsy enthusiasm and then get to work doing creative stuff. 

There's a special offer, save $15 USD on Circle membership through August 5, 2017.

You'll get access to the FB group through next May and access to the entire workshop website through the end of 2018. Limited access is intentional. I want to motivate you to GET CREATIVE continuously over the course of this coming year. Otherwise it will go in the queue with all of the other workshops you're taking. This is not that. 

At present I'm opening up registration to 12 new participants. If you want to do more creative stuff and this sounds like fun, climb aboard, take a chance, dive in, all of that. It's totally up to you. But I hope you'll join the fun. 

Daisy Yellow Circle Workshop
75.00 90.00

The Circle is on sale through August 5, 2017. 
Limit: 12 new participants. 
Start, revamp, refresh + reinforce your daily creative practice and generate more creative ideas. Emphasis on kick-starting, encouraging + supporting YOUR daily creative work.
➸ Small, private FB discussion group and art sharing space with daily discussion topics & friendly camaraderie. 
➸ Workshop website, including prompts & resources, plus 1+ hour of video tutorials. 
➸ Students at any experience level welcome!

Facebook group open thru 5/31/18.
Workshop website access thru 12/31/18.

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Dreaming in pastel colors, capturing chandeliers

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Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way?

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