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Grey ink is not boring [Fuyu-Syogun ink review]

I'm trying to rein in my desire to explore every ink on the planet... even inks that have not yet been invented. I'm reaching for colors that I don't have, gaps in my cache, my knowledge, my collection. Colors that I can see in my imagination, colors that are not there, like the green of a ripe bartlett pear, a deep velvet red, a particularly frilly pink, the yellow of an overripe lemon. Bright, intense, pure colors that burst with energy.

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All About Neocolor II Wax Crayons

Neocolors are one of my go-to art materials for art journaling. They are versatile and the colors are luxurious and saturated. They have a buttery smooth texture. Keep in mind that {like oil pastels or regular crayons} you cannot write directly on them {unless used like watercolor, dissolved} with many pens because they gunk up the nib or get wax on the fiber tip. 

With a zillion color choices, how many do you need? It depends how you plan to use them, but my suggestion is to keep it simple. A small set of 10-15 will be more than enough for art journaling. 

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A Quick Review of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks

I love art materials that are versatile and flexible, materials are inherently building blocks to art. These inks are thoroughly engaging and now happily incorporated into my creative endeavors. This month, I'm playing with inks every day, creating abstract pages, doing some dip pen lettering, and more. Each year I dive into a different aspect of ink and am always amazed to see what I can accomplish in just month of experimenting. This is the third year I'm playing with inks for the Inktober Challenge. I thought it would be fun to share with you my thoughts on these inks. So here we go!

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