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ICAD 2018 Week 5 Prompts & Themes

Thank you creative people!!!! For sharing all of your inventive, witty, colorful, meaningful, tangible, expressive... index card art! Thank you for cheering each other on to the magical 61, for being so kind and supportive of your fellow challengers! We all need to reboot + refresh, don't we? Go YOU for exploring your art materials, discovering new techniques, figuring things out, interpreting prompts, dreaming up ideas, carrying out creative experiments, and testing hypotheses. Together we are seeking out {and carving out} time for ourselves, time to create and make marks and paint and draw and collage. We are folding, altering, sewing, swirling, scheming, and beyond. I recognize that it is not 

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12 Tips for the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge!

There's an ├╝ber-optimistic energy to the start of a creative challenge. So much potential. As you contemplate what to create, I encourage you to have an open mind as to how this 61-daily-card-goal will come to fruition. I never ever know where ICAD will lead, but it is always a surprise. Some years I start thinking that all I want to do is collage for the next decade -- and quickly I remember my beloved PITT pens and the intricate challenge of drawing mandalas -- then stumble into psychedelic acrylics. 

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