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Equivalent of Almost

Think of an art journal as a holding place for color & texture & words & exploration. You might carry out that exploration via words, thoughts, analyses, and/or art materials. I think it's important to use your journal in a way that works for you. It does not have to be deep and it does not have to be playful. Whatever grey zone that you want to work inside! Your journal, your choice.

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Journal Flip: The Orange Journal

I've tasked myself with filming flip-thru videos for all of the books/journals finished this past year.  Most of this journal was finished in 2015-2016 with maybe 1-2 pages this year. The Orange Journal is the 2nd flip thru on the list [the first is the Red Journal]. I wrote about my process for naming stuff in The Elusive Naming Process; my altered books are typically named after the cover color of the original book or maybe the purpose of the journal.

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Dreaming in pastel colors, capturing chandeliers

I found this extra wide book, in landscape format, at the discount book store for a few dollars. The pages are glossy but I haven't retained much of the original abstract imagery. The book is 12"x8.5" closed, a lush 24" open. And where an index card is a jigsaw puzzle - challenging me to make the most of a tiny canvas, a picture book provides so much space, vast space, so that I can start anywhere and end up anywhere.

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