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Rainbows, contraptions & negative space

When the goal is huge, the magic happens when you let go of controlling the finished work and focus on the MAKING. You will not get to the finish line without making consistent progress. Focusing on the process, the idea generation, that takes the emotional weight of creating "the perfect outcome" - like that is thrown out of the equation. The goal isn’t 365 perfect somethings! I feel like there needs to be a component of chance + serendipity + accidental intersections.

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Urban Rainbows

In this batch, I continue delving into over-arching [pun intended] rainbows + clouds. One thing about working so intensely in ink is that even with a variety of inks at the starting gate of this project, I started to understand and reach the outer edges of the color collection and since I do not mix colors much, I have been dreaming of expanding my collection - to fill in with some additional greens, pinks, etc. So I did just that, and I'm really digging the new colors. 

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