9 taxis and a moleskine

If this works* it will be my first blog post from other than my trusty macbook. I'm typing this on my mobile phone using the squarespace app. I wanted to share some sketches I did a few days ago while waiting at the airport for my dad's flight to land. There was a delay so we had about 45 minutes to hang out. The kids were reading so I looked for something to draw. Before this page was a page of mandalas and another of flowers so I thought I might draw a collection of something. Taxis pulled up, picked up tourists and whizzed away. So I had just a minute or two to draw each one. So that's the story of the nine taxis in the 5x8" drawing moleskine journal.

Blogging is a weird thing. You can so very easily second guess yourself when comments are few. Thank you to everyone who left warm comments yesterday, to those who emailed to let me know that they were "still" reading, still listening. Your words were warmly received.

*OK the mobile post sort of worked! I inadvertantly posted to the ICAD section, then moved it to the main section of the blog.