82% of a creative challenge

Mail art by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

Sewed index cards that look like a postcards. Because fun. 🗝🏷🍨🌈🌟 I made a collage on one card, then cut it in half, then sewed the opposites together and added a polish stamp {again, ICADs don’t have to make sense} ICADs 36a/36b.


Oh my gosh! You are doing amazing things all around the land of ICAD!!! I'm seeing SO much art flowing every day! Wow! Congrats for doing what it takes to keep your {interest, adrenalin, energy} going strong since we started in June. I've found the challenge to be such fun this year - the art break is good for all of us, isn't it? I hope that you have been able to use ICAD as a way to refresh and reboot something wonderful in terms of your creative work!

What I've noticed over the years is that we find freedom in the impermanent un-precious nature of the index card. It makes no demands, costs practically nada, is zero risk. So it has the power to invite play... especially helpful for those who have felt a block on other substrates.

And long-time ICADians -- you guys are INTO this! I love the intensity! Watching you set wild goals for yourself - subgoals each week - even - creating mini-series. Some of you are ALL IN for doing every single prompt! You are doing whatever it takes to get to 61 WITHIN your own self-set constraints. You are accountable to yourself; you want to reach a particular goal... and it's fantabulous that you take this stuff to heart. You are serious about making art!!! 

If you are getting stuck or frustrated, yet want to stick with your original plan [series, strategy, technique, medium, whatever ICADificational structure you have devised] you can still change some SUBTLE INVISIBLE aspect to your work. It doesn't need be obvious to other people. 


PS. I love statistics.

This is day 50. 
82% down, 18% to go. 
10,536 = cards posted at instagram tagged #dyicad2018
6,426 = cards posted in the ICAD FB group
28,347 = comments in the ICAD FB group
2,611 = ICAD pinterest board followers
Did you know I used to be an accountant? And a quantitative analyst? Yup. 

Enthusiasm for creative work waxes and wanes

I can help with inspiration and motivation! That's what I do here at Daisy Yellow!!! 

The Creative Nudge!

Doing art every day is an on-going personal challenge. Take a look at your own ecosphere and FIGURE OUT what YOU need to do to make it happen. If you are creating, that's a WIN! If you feel the creative blahs, I recommend that you keep creating anyhow. Create stuff that might or might not suck. Go through the motions. Your heart and curiosity will ultimately catch up! And you'll be off on another creative adventure. There is no elusive muse, my friends. You are your own muse. If you don't try, I guarantee you that nothing will happen. Again, your choice. Always your choice. Make a mantra for yourself. Repeat as needed. 

Each year, I develop a fun plan to help YOU continue to pursue art-making!

It is always kind of dicey after ICAD wraps up! This is a decision point for each of you. This year I've developed something called The Creative Nudge, a mix of explorations, examples, ideas, and videos.