8,156 km Journal Swap with Hanna

Last summer, Hanna and I concocted a plan to swap handmade journals. So we each created a stitched journal and mailed the journals across the ocean. What fun for two girls who love to sew papers! First, I will share the journal that I made for Hanna. The cover is a messy patchwork of fabrics.


In the journal, I added quotes to inspire Hanna to continue her greatness and to continue inspiring others around the globe with her creativity and fresh perspective. There are a lot more pages, and you'll see those gradually fill with words over on Hanna's blog, with a weekly view of our swapped journals each Saturday.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

And here's the journal Hanna made me! This cutie arrived, delivered with glorious journal fodder goodness from Sweden. Now here's the thing about handmade swaps. You never truly know what you are going to get. You tuck your adorable handmade goodness in an envelope and kiss it goodbye at the post office and hope to get something wonderful in return. And hope that your envelope doesn't get lost in the postal network between here and there. You finally get your treat, handmade art to treasure.

PS If you don't have the book Good Mail Day, you should really indulge, it's fantastic. 


List Prompt: 5 Loves of Spring. 

1. Tulips blooming, such happy flowers.
2. The garden in Texas is in full bloom.
3. Lovely outdoor temperatures.
4. Thunder and lightening galore.
5. Cool mornings and warm afternoons.