61 Things

The world wants you to think.
You need to develop magical superpowers.
Be bold, be brave, be strong.
Explore the depths of your soul.
Create layers of deep symbolic meaning.

What if you just
keep it simple?

to do something
once each week.
a little art date
with yourself
or your friend Irene
on Saturday at noon.
Make a list
on index cards
of 61 creative things
you'd like to try. 
You can include
"make mango-cinnamon-cayenne muffins"
if you wish.
Because it's your list.
Sort your list
in reverse alphabetical order
or at random
Start with the top of the stack
"zen garden design sketch"
"fill fountain pen with ink"
"write a haiku"
Next week
do the next thing.
And you can skip things.
Keep it fun.
You get to define
what is creative.
So go calculate.
What's first on your list of #61things?

Simply put, the Zines will make you THINK about your art. There are 10 regular issues and 2 special index card issues of these in-depth digital delights available.