61 Days of Art

2016 challenge
day 61

that means
you've been
creating art
almost daily
your approach
to the blank card
has changed
are swirling

I hope that you've enjoyed this sixth iteration of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge! It's a heck of a thing, folks! It's surreal. It's heart-warming. It's life-altering. I do hope to do it again next year; every year in about March, I decide whether I can facilitate the challenge. There are a lot of moving parts to ICAD! There are blog posts and HTML links and URL redirects and tagging and categorizing and writing and designing graphics and toying with photoshop to get it to do what I want it to do, devising prompts {and then revising again and again until I'm happy with them}. It involves a lot of question-answering and helping and even some hand-holding to get folks comfortable. To see it as a personal creative challenge, not an art competition. There's a lot of push back. There are folks who want to make it into something fancy. But it's not fancy.

Thank you to all of the folks who helped behind-the-scenes this year, I really appreciate your support and your energy.

You all inspire me.

ICAD Trivia: There’s a great discussion of the history of index cards at the MIT Technology Review, including, "How many college students today ever flip through trays of library catalogue cards? Some of them may never have used an actual tabbed file. But the tab as an information technology metaphor is everywhere in use."