52+ Repeatable Daily Creative Ideas for 30-52-365 Projects

Here's a ginormous list of repeatable art ideas where you can play with variables, take different paths or tangents or directions, as the base for your explorations.

52 ideas

"In the editing process, I delete what I do not want to use,
move what remains around if necessary and add elements
that I feel will make my visual statement
as clear and understandable as possible."
Gerald Brommer

52 ideas

"Set up a situation that presents you with
something slightly beyond your reach."
Brian Eno

Setting a small daily creative goal has a positive domino impact on your life! But where do you start? What do you do? It's easy to start wavering between ideas, unsure of what to do, and then taking no action at all. So getting into that flow of doing art daily - or almost daily - is a great creative spark. 

To help you find that starting point, I've put together a collection of open-ended creative projects that you can repeat over the course of a week, month or expand into a wild & crazy 365 project. That daily return to your arty universe will keep the wheels spinning and will become integral to your day!

I've organized the list into project ideas for mixed media lovers, photography & digital art lovers, drawing & ink lovers, and word lovers. I bet you'll find that your interests span a bunch of categories.

52 ideas


  1. Create art inspired by one over-riding theme. Gardening! Swimming! Chipmunks! Board games! Kokeshi dolls!

  2. Hand-bind teeny tiny journals or books.

  3. Make color swatches for every trackable, documentable, art material in your stash. Yup, every pen, pencil, bottle of ink, neocolor, washi tape, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, spritz, spray, stamping ink, etc. Include product code, pigment, brand, notes, etc.

  4. Create something starting with each letter of the alphabet. Start with Zebra or Avocado?

  5. Make a gelatin printing plate each month. Make gelatin prints using a variety of paints + masks. Make a printing plate.

  6. Divide your plan into 4 quarters or 12 months or 52 weeks. Explore a different medium or technique each time period. Any substrate, any size.

  7. Make inchies [1x1" squares of paper] and do something creative on each square, from collage to doodles to ink blots.

  8. Braid or bead a 1 inch section of a friendship bracelet.

  9. Make small mixed media portraits in ink, pencil, charcoal, thread, gouache, watercolor, and/or acrylics.

  10. Do packing tape/gel medium image transfers.

  11. Mix different colors with watercolor or acrylic paint.Name each mixture. Cantaloupe! Watermelon! Rosemary! Mustard! Champagne! Want to better visualize color mixes? Try the Color Mixing Bible.

  12. Create small format collages or collages that include a {fill-in-the-blank}.

  13. Create mixed media rainbows.

  14. Incorporate tea, coffee, herbs & spices in art. Draw your jasmine tea bag, spritz peppermint essential oil, and stain swatches with espresso.

  15. Taste test teas or chocolates and document findings in your sketchbook.

  16. Interpret songs or album covers in your art journal. Describe a song in one sentence.

  17. Incorporate words and journaling in your art. Start the CatchPhrase Challenge.

  18. Invent + construct small LEGO designs.

  19. Design or stitch quilt blocks.

  20. Crochet granny squares.

  21. Stitch or knit in bursts! Embroider 22 stitches or knit 11 rows.

  22. Create art on index cards. See 50 Things You Can Create on an Index Card.

52 ideas
52 ideas


  1. Photograph the same scene in your garden from the same spot each day and do a stop motion video at the end of the year.

  2. Create double exposures in your camera or in Photoshop.

  3. Shoot with your DSLR on full manual settings.

  4. Draw and colorize digital patterns.

  5. Photograph interesting things. Ideas/prompts for a 365 Photo Project.

  6. Photograph the sky. Clouds optional. Raindrops optional. Skyscrapers optional. Vary your angle, perspective, time of day, composition.

  7. Play along with Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day Challenge.


  1. Draw only in a specific place, i.e. the subway, your kitchen, the office.

  2. Design one amazing, gigantic, sketchbook-sized letter every day.

  3. Draw & label diagrams of real or imaginary things.

  4. Sketch ideas for t-shirts, tattoos, postage stamps, or murals.

  5. Create patterns with Copic markers.

  6. Draw bold patterns with PITT Big Brush markers.

  7. Draw panels or frames of a comic strip or graphic novel.

  8. Design hand-drawn robots in pencil.

  9. Draw blind-contour drawings and/or portraits.

  10. Draw mandalas.

  11. Draw maps of places, real or imaginary.

  12. Do sketch notes. Ideas & resources in Creativity Matters Podcast Episode #251

  13. Draw multiple versions of the same thing {i.e. dahlias, wine labels, chocolates, facades}.

52 ideas
52 ideas


  1. Create alphabets or fonts or draw repeating alphabets with a dip pen or fill an index card with variations on one letter of the alphabet. This Typographical Variations video will get you started.

  2. Brainstorm everything that pops into your mind for a word. Include connotations/ meanings/ extrapolations. Or create mind maps.

  3. Create "found" poems. Found poetry is about developing free verse poetry by collecting odds & ends of words and phrases and putting them together. You can snip phrases from magazines and use them on your art journal pages. Try block-out poetry {take a brochure or book page and scribble out some of the words to reveal a subset of words} or erasure poetry, where you delete elements and the end result is a poem or statement. Try stacking books from your bookshelf to create a poem from the book titles!

  4. Track a habit or happening from your daily life and create weekly data visualizations a la Dear Data.

  5. Type quotes or the first line from novels on a manual typewriter.

  6. Write a list of 3 good things that happened during the day.

  7. Listen to a podcast episode or read 10 pages of a book or listen to 15 minutes of an audiobook.

  8. Devise character descriptions.

  9. Write poems. Nonsense, limerick, haiku, sonnet, cinquain, pantoum, ballad, epigram, or tanka?

  10. Write über fast-fiction stories.The term flash fiction refers to a micro-story. Target < 300 words. Combine with a little sketch, if you wish.

  11. Write Top Ten Lists. 26 ideas to get you started.

  12. Write blurbs for imaginary books that you could theoretically write.

  13. Write 100 words of your novel.

52 ideas


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