50 Things to Create With an Index Card

1. Announce your word-of-the-year
2. Sketch whimsical faerie faces
3. Make a collage
4. Practice packing tape transfers
5. Design a quilt block

6. Draw on a blanket at the beach
7. Write a top-ten list
8. Take notes at university
9. Draw a repeating linear pattern
10. Create textures with acrylic paints

11. Stamp with alphabet stamps
12. Write a haiku
13. Attach it to your journal page with washi tape
14. Test your inks or markers
15. Do a blind contour drawing of your face

16. Make a map of an imaginary island
17. Add as a tip-in to your art journal
18. Draw a mandala
19. Draw patterns from curtains or wallpaper
20. Cut into a stencil or mask
21. Draw teeny tiny designs
22. Paint a rainbow
23. Stitch or embroider around the edges of the card

24. Write a word on the front and the definition & part of speech on the back. 
25. Design a word search or mini-crossword puzzle
26. Create a monogram or a logo
27. Sketch a building facade

28. Practice hand-lettering skills by writing quotes
29. Stamp with bubble wrap
30. Write a story

31. Plan a laser tag party
32. Write the alphabet in block letters
33. Cut up two cards and weave back together
34. Fold into an origami crane
35. Add a teeny tiny glassine envelope
or pocket and tuck something inside

36. Practice embroidery stitches
37. Document the highlights of your vacation
38. Write the recipe for olive & rosemary mushroom quiche
39. Marble paint
40. Practice drawing faces

41. Invent fonts
42. Create your company logo
43. Write a monogram
44. Use it as a bookmark
45. Recycle into an art journal page
46. Do a mind map or brainstorm
47. Make monochromatic marks in every possible medium.

47. Paint a landscape.
48. Sketch your dog.
49. Do paint mixing tests & documentation. 
50. Document your collection of hand-carved eraser stamps.