Time for a 4-Part Index Card Series

Are you scheming and strategizing a way to catch up with the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge? Granted, catching up is not required. Granted, the idea is truly a card each day. But... still. The reality is that sometimes we face obstacles, like your camel gets a bad case of the gleeks, or you get stuck waking up to "I Got You Babe" in Punxsutawney for 10+ years, or a weekend Lord of the Rings marathon {with Russian audio and Italian subtitles}. 

Sometimes an interconnected series is in order. This is a fab way to play catch-up on your missing index cards for the ICAD Challenge. Make a set of four cards that "go" together. You can, of course, extrapolate. I created this 4-part series using Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid as a mask, then painting with gouache. This is the “satin” version and gloss works too, but with a glossy result. I “draw” with the the nozzle on the container, then set it aside until it’s dry to the touch, then paint with gouache. The glazing liquid is not removable and has a raised surface. If gouache remains on the glaze when it’s all dry, you can use a q-tip to remove the excess.

There are an infinite number of ways that you could create cards that are related or link together. Like connecting flaps. A fold-o-matic thingy. Doodles. A makeshift jigsaw puzzle. If you actually own spray paint protective gear, go outside and spray them. Or tape down four cards and draw/paint/ink something that interlinks or connects or otherwise brings them together as one.

It's a mini-series. Like on TV. I put washi tape along the bottom of each card as a mask to leave a blank stripe at the bottom, but of course knowing the flimsiness of index cards, the washi tore off some of the card too. And that folks... is an experiment!