365 Somethings Project Update {Stitched Collages}


Three hundred sixty five. 365. Three hundred plus sixty plus five. One thing to represent each day of one year. A 10,000 feet perspective of my growing collection of 3x5" index cards. 

It was a creative whim. I usually overthink everything to the point of ridiculousness and get into analysis paralysis. In the back of my mind I have always wanted to do a 365 project but I always thought it would be a photography project! You know, one photo each day. 

Hanna started her 365 project and asked if anyone wanted to make 365 things too. Hanna makes everything sound so darned fun! I'm so happy that I took the leap. Sometimes if you think something through TOO much, you just get stuck. 

Now I have a routine for my little cards. I sneak up to the guest/sewing room and make a handful of cards every few days. I keep them in a little basket and then photograph them. 

The more cards I make, the more ideas I have. It's true! Creativity sparks creativity. Constraints spark creativity. 

And yes, there's a tracking spreadsheet. I'm an analytical at heart. 


A spreadsheet basically saves my sanity. Otherwise I would lose track of the cards. I've done tracking spreadsheets for Art Every Day Month and NaNoJouMo and so I knew it would help. Every week or so I photograph a set of cards, add the titles to the spreadsheet, edit in Photoshop and set up a blog post or two. Right now I am running way, way ahead of the game. At this pace, I will finish a few months early. Instead of making one every single day I make a few at a time.

I've explored a bunch of different ideas and techniques. Theres a rainbow series, a series with thin strips of paper, thin strips of fabric, cards with teeny tiny squares, cards with only fabric, cards with painted backgrounds, curvy shapes, leaf shapes, large squares, rectangles...

The absolute best thing has been the opportunity to use so many different papers, gelatin prints, watercolored patterns, acrylic abstracts, japanese washi papers, etc.


Looking at my little collection makes me happy!


Editor's Note: Per a request in the comments, here's a snapshot of about half of the cards I've completed. They are stored in two archival storage boxes.

Have you ever done a 365 Project? A full-year project? Tell me about your project, what you learned, and whether you would do another!