365 Somethings #63-9

Welcome to my 365 Somethings project. 

When my younger daughter was in 2nd grade she decided to cound to a million, by 5's. She wrote all of the numbers in a composition journal and kept going and going, filling several journals. The teacher was impressed, even the head of school came to visit the classroom and ask about her project. She stopped after a LONG time, at about 100,000. I cannot remember the exact place where she stopped. But she was OK with it. She had shown herself {and everyone else} that 1 million was a pretty freaking high number. And so creating 365 little collages is showing me that 365 is a lot of things. 

All of the collages are stitched on 3x5" cards. Here's a little about the components of each card. I do the backgrounds first, and then select the "found text' to add words. You'll see a bunch of japanese washi papers, my husband brought a stack of beautiful papers back from a recent business trip, wasn't that the sweetest thing?

"find speed"

includes found text, calendar, hand-inked papers, map, stitched fabrics, cardstock, fabric, painted papers

"life not so serious"

{this is one of my favorites thus far, i LOVE the bird}

includes found text, greeting card, doodles, cardstock, found text, fabric, painted papers, painted papers from Natasha

"she needed bowling"

includes found text, accounting forms, map, cardstock, fabric, painted papers, colored pencil doodles, japanese washi paper, number stamps

"watery ink moment"

includes found text, japanese churigami papers, cardstock, painted papers, japanese washi paper

"special ambition"

includes found text, sheet music, cardstock, map, cardstock, painted papers, playing card, colored pencil doodles, japanese washi paper

"uninspired hues"

includes found quote, found text, cardstock, scrapbooking ephemera, fabric, painted papers, magazine clippings, japanese washi paper


includes found text, candy packaging, neocolor art, coffee, cardstock, fabric, painted papers, fabric, japanese washi paper, number stamps


Several folks asked what sewing machine I used {Janome Magnolia 7330} and what type of needle {regular}. I tried "super sharp" needles but they broke too easily. I do break a needle from time to time, but not often. I stitch with the feed dogs UP {vs freestyle stitching where feed dogs are DOWN}.