365 Somethings #56-62

This is my 365 project.

I'm keeping myself on track by creating a few cards every few days and I'm well ahead of the game right now. I learned that I'm not really good at creating one thing at a time, I'd rather work in small batches. So here are Somethings #56 - 62. 



found text, fabric, painted papers, espresso rings, tokyo metro map, index card art


"carpet options"

found text, accounting forms, inked paper, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, greeting card



found text, fabric, cardstock, tokyo metro map, stitched/painted papers, magazine ephemera



includes found text, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, polish ephemera, map, library stamp


"registered mindlessly"

one of my favorites to date

includes 35mm slide case, ephemera, found text, fabric, painted papers, 

"and adheres the surface seminars"

includes found text, product packaging, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, stitched papers, blue jeans


"the patience"

includes found text, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, magazine clippings, greeting card

What is your favorite of the set?

I started sewing paper just two years ago and I use a cute little Janome Magnolia sewing machine. If you are interested in learning to sew paper, read my series Sew-a-Go-Go.

Hanna is creating square collages. Join the Flickr group for 365 Somethings. Everything is in my 365 Somethings Flickr set. Find my 365 somethings posts at this link.

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