365 Somethings #348 - 353

“How can you come to understand your life when even the beginning is so complicated: a single cell imprinted with the color of your eyes and the shape of your face the pattern on your palm and the moods that will shadow you through your life. How can you be alive when every choice you make breaks the world into a thousand filaments each careless step branching into long tributaries of alternate lives shuddering outward and outward like sheet lightning.”
Dan Chaon


fabric mini-art quilt 



fabric mini-art quilt


"i'm undefined"

fabric mini-art quilt


"you won't remember"

fabric mini-art quilt


"prayer flags"

fabric mini-art quilt


"metaphysical: no sense of how"

fabric strips

All of the cards in this set are fabric collages.

Yes, I know. It's February 2014. I'm late in posting but I actually finished my 367th card on October 23, 2013. On the back of each card, I noted the card number and the date completed. I stayed well ahead of the game throughout the year. To give you a feel for the pace, I finished card number 180... about half... on April 4. I stitched a few cards at a time, rather than one each day. It just happened that way, I got into the flow of creating these little 3x5" collages and kept going as long as I had ideas OR time. I never ran out of ideas... in fact the ideas inspired other ideas. I allowed myself to go on tangents and play with a variety of materials. All in all, a great project that I am thrilled about!

All of the collages are stitched 3x5" index cards.