365 Somethings #256 - 268

“I am no bird;
and no net ensnares me:
I am a free human being
with an independent will.”
Charlotte Brontë

While creating each individual stitched collage, I find myself focusing on one particular card. I place the blank card under the sewing machine needle and then start selecting the papers and fabrics that I might use. I might have already started a theme with the last card, a theme that I want to continue to explore. Or my mind might happen on something else that day that I want to try. It could even be as simple as looking around my sewing table and finding an interesting fabric swatch that tempts me to try a color combination or experiment. That's a vote for chaos in your sewing room. 

To create the following collages, I used my sewing machine, quilting weight fabrics, scissors & found text.


"tv dramas diguised as a parade of red and blue colors"

The seeds for this fabric series began this summer, when they were stitched. I was swimming laps, which is not all that exciting, and I gave my mind a challenge. What could I do with fabric to create multiple visible layers within a form? In this yellow collage, I played with allowing the fabrics to peek out from various edges. I think there are 5 layers here.


"repeat a mantra crafted for the armchairs"




"quickening yeast cannot always sustain obsurdities"


"extraneous details & tangents"


"focus on the present"


"a misplaced hat"






"your camera outside your window"


"turquoise & purple bubbles"


"pattern mountains"


"circles on wire"

All of the collages are stitched 3x5" index cards.