365 Somethings #228 - 237

“People don't talk like this, theytalklikethis. Syllables, words, sentences run together like a watercolor left in the rain. To understand what anyone is saying to us we must separate these noises into words and the words into sentences so that we might in our turn issue a stream of mixed sounds in response. If what we say is suitably apt and amusing, the listener will show his delight by emitting a series of uncontrolled high-pitched noises, accompanied by sharp intakes of breath of the sort normally associated with a seizure or heart failure. And by these means we converse. Talking, when you think about it, is a very strange business indeed.”
Bill Bryson 


"annie's attention"

all words, sort of found poetry



fabric, watercolored papers


"eye catching evening village"

fabric, paint chips, hand-painted papers


"the open windows"

painted papers, doodles, found text, acrylic background
{the background was one of my index cards for ICAD 2013}


"the secret writers"

painted papers, fabric, found text, acrylic background


"for two or three days"

painted papers, acrylic background
{the background was one of my index cards for ICAD 2013}


"that evening other things somehow meet in the fridge"

fabric, found text, acrylic background


"infinite distances"

painted papers, acrylic background


"the snow, so to speak"

fabric, painted papers, paint chips, found text, acrylic background


"merry armchairs rode downtown"

paint chips, fabric, painted papers