Green clouds and ink blots.

"I can never accomplish what I want–
only what I would have wanted
had I thought of it beforehand." 
Richard Diebenkorn

The 365 Somethings Project is an on-going project, a thread through the calendar year. 
This is a project I'm doing along with Hanna Andersson

Creative people thrive on making stuff. Real stuff. Intangible stuff. Imaginary stuff. Cinnamon strudels, photographs, patterns, apps, scarves, ceramic chop stick holders, novels, accordion books.... But having to do a specific thing on a specific day can feel stifling sometimes, can't it? It just feels like another rule. And I'm not much of a rule follower in terms of my art. 

Cards #5-16

The set-up for this annual project allows for flexibility - the ability to work in different mediums on different days, but also the ability to spread out this project unevenly throughout the year. My theme this year is small abstracts and after less than two weeks I'm already making new connections and starting to bridge some ideas together from separate projects. 

3x3" abstract in ink and thread by Tammy Garcia
3x3" abstract in ink by Tammy Garcia
365 Somethings

With ink, as with so many mediums, you can control a fraction of the process but there is an intriguing element of chance thrown into the creative mix-master. In the first few weeks of my Somethings project, I'm basically seeing what happens. The goal is not "pretty" but rather "interesting" and then I'll build on what I find most interesting...

I'm really psyched to see so many different "somethings" projects launched in action already! I'm really happy that so many people are joining the game! We can support each other as the year progresses. Especially when there are the inevitable peaks & valleys in our processes, when we feel like we are at a plateau... we can encourage each other to keep going anyhow! 

365 Somethings
3x3" inked cards for 365 Project by Tammy Garcia

365 Somethings No. 5-16. 3x3" ink on watercolor paper. The inks are Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks [see quick review] and J. Herbin inks.


create 365 of something by 12/31/18

Learn all about the challenge here. 

You choose how you work. It might be in batches, in groups, or just on weekends. You can 7/day... then switch to something else... or create 1/day but know that you CAN and are ENCOURAGED to skip a day to give yourself grace + flexibility + ZERO guilt.

Share your work at instagram tagged #365somethings2018 and follow that tag to see what everyone is making for their project.